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The Metal Colors to Complement Your Designs

DH Fell & Company can create metal sheet, grain, wire, and other milled products in a variety of custom colors to complement your designs.

If there's any time to reach for the stars, this is it! Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver – we have them all with the unique details that matter most. 

David H. Fell & Co. – Customized white metals to complete your designs... we have them all!

10K – 18K Whites: Low Ni and Deox, soft white and bright white

  • 10K White & White plus Deoxidizer: soft white handles like yellow, low Ni
  • 14K Satin White: Very white, Rh plating optional
  • 14K Winter White: Bright white, high Ni
  • 14K & 18K Standard White: handles like yellow, Low Ni
  • 14K & 18K White Plus: Deoxidizer, casts bright
  • 14K White Spring: Hard spring quality
  • 14K & 18K Palladium White: looks like Pt, very soft good for pave, Ni free

Platinum Group Metals

  • Pure Platinum: Pure (.999+)
  • 10% Ir Pt: general purpose
  • 5% Ir Pt: general purpose (softer Platinum)
  • 5% Ruthenium Platinum (RuPt): a white Platinum alloy designed to cast and fabricate. This alloy produces a shiny grayish white color, slightly harder than most other PT alloys. All 950 PT alloys can be stamped PT, PLAT, 950PT or 950 PLAT.
  • 10% Palladium Platinum: very soft platinum
  • 500 Palladium: white metal enhances beauty of diamonds, Rh plating not required
  • 950 Palladium: Shiny white - Rh plating not required

Fine Silver and Sterling Silver

  • Sterling Silver: Silver and Copper (.925)
  • Sterling Silver Plus: Sterling w/deoxidizer (.925), tarnish resistant
  • Sterling Silver Supercast: Cast stones in place (.925) tarnish resistant
  • Fine Silver: Pure (.999+)