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Bi-Metal Sheet

DH Fell is excited to announce the launch of our bi-metal sheet products. Our bi-metal sheet is superior due to our unique bonding process.

If you're in the market for Bi-metal sheet, or want to learn more about it, David H. Fell & Co. is your new source for product and information.

Our newest product line features Bi-metal sheet in 18 karat gold alloy with a rich yellow color or 22 karat gold alloy with a bright yellow color. Both are fused with sterling silver to form a sheet of precious metal with two distinct surfaces. The 18K gold layer is similar to that of most gold filled products while the 22K is two to three times thicker than gold filled products giving it more workability. Perfect for engraving, scraping, folding, or twisting to create distinctive designs.

Stock Sizes:

  • 18K: 20, 24 and 26 gauge - 22K: 18 and 24 gauge
  • Sheet: minimum 3” x 1" maximum 3" x 12"

For soldering, users should use 14k or 18k yellow easy solder on the gold surface and easy or medium silver solder on the sterling surface.

We're excited to welcome former Hauser & Miller customers, we look forward to serving you!

If you'd like to order, or learn more, just give us a call!  415-815-9938