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Meet Thea Izzi

Thea Izzi creates sculptural jewelry that is balanced, bold and luminous using traditional fabrication and forming techniques. She combines mixed precious metals, minerals and gems with an emphasis on metal form and function.
"Spin Wheel Necklace" Sterling silver and 22K gold bimetal with 14K gold wire rivets.

Thea Izzi Jewelry Design

My creative process is a combination of instinct, discovery and letting ideas evolve and come to fruition as I work. The act of creating jewelry in itself is often where new ideas are born. I am drawn to geometric forms that are balanced and still retain a feeling of joy. I like to make bold, sculptural designs while paying attention to wearability, contrasts in color, and the play between positive and negative space. 

While I was a RISD student, I participated in EHP, a study abroad program in Italy. I was ignited by Rome’s rich architectural history and discovered my love of ancient, classical and modern sculpture.  These became sources of inspiration that later found an outlet in the smaller more accessible format of jewelry. The work of modernist sculptors such as Brancusi and Noguchi and the Italian jewelry artist Giampaolo  Babetto inspire me to distill each form to its essential geometry. A few years later, I returned to Italy as a Fulbright Scholar where I studied classical sculptures and paintings and how they represent the various roles of women. I was so moved by Piero della Francesca’s Madonna del Parto that I wrote a song about her. My studies of the Divine Feminine resonated within me and continue to influence my work to this day. 

My intent is that when women wear my jewelry, they will tap into the Divine Feminine within them and feel their inner strength and outward beauty.

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